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Arshad Nadeem: 90.18m in CWG2022

Neeraj Chopra congratulates the thrower to win a gold medal for Pakistan.

Tokyo olympics gold medalist from India Neeraj Chopra congratulated Arshad Nadeem on his big hard work to grip a gold medal in the Commonwealth Games 2022.

Arshad Nadeem thanked Allah, to his coach Fiaz Bukhari, Physio Dr. Asad Abbas Shah, Athletics federation president Mr. Akram Sahi, POA president Brig. Arif Hassan, Secretary Khalid Mahmood, DG PSB, and DGISPR on this eve. He said all Pakistan prayed for me, and i did my best for Pakistan and won a gold medal. He said my goal is to get a medal for Pakistan in Paris 2024 Olympics.

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